York XL: Pioneering an Urban Revolution

Gardens are more than just collections of plants; they're vibrant community builders. The EPIC Gardens in York is an immersive project that endeavors to create a network of dynamic, living, and education gardenscapes that will invite both local residents and tourists to explore all of York City, including its neighborhoods and downtown.

Empowering Neighborhood Residents: The Green Revolution through Urban Gardens

We invite you to explore the incredible world of urban gardens, where nature meets the city, and life flourishes. These green sanctuaries aren't just about plants – they're about empowering our neighborhoods and creating vibrant, connected communities.

Join us in discovering the power of these green spaces. They're the heart of biodiversity, the breath of fresh air, and the cool oasis amidst urban living. They reduce crime, create jobs, and bolster local economies, all while fostering a sense of community and neighborhood empowerment.

Come, be a part of this transformative journey. Let's unlock the potential of urban gardens, embrace sustainability, and together, empower our neighborhoods in the Green Revolution.

Key Features of The Gardens of York


Garden Beds

Discover ten or more gardens unified by themes like plant types, use, or art (e.g., native pollinators, rain gardens, or sculpture gardens).


Skill Building

Learn valuable skills through an online curriculum accessed with QR codes – from drawing to understanding the built and natural environment, or creating healthy recipes with garden-grown produce.


Economic Revitalization

Empower York City neighborhood residents with zoning overlays to initiate mobile businesses.


GIS-Enabled App

Navigate the gardenscapes effortlessly with a mobile app that integrates with business location data, offering recommendations as you explore the city.



Each gardenscape comes alive with exciting programming, such as poetry readings, performances, or block parties.


As part of our EPIC Neighborhood strategy, we're excited to showcase the EPIC Gardens on the Broad Street Greenway in the North East Neighborhood. This initial demonstration features three gardens that also serve as memorials for two firefighters who tragically lost their lives during a fire at the Weaver Piano Company adjacent to the Greenway. As we progress, the demonstration will extend to include other gardens within the Greenway, including the three remaining plots at the corner of E Philadelphia & Broad Street. The Broad Street Greenway will be the signature gardenscape, introducing the networks and infrastructures essential for empowered neighborhoods.